About - Photo & Video by Live

My name is Samuel Reyes and here's a picture of me, It was a nice sunny day getting a headshot for this website; trying to seem like myself but believe it or not this is actually how I look 95% of the time, always smiling and laughing. Anyways, enough of me; I'm just the guy that started this creative business so here's the bread and butter of our operation.

Deciding to choose a photographer or videographer is challenging given the fact that most of the time this might be your first time getting married or your daughter's dream quinceañera. We've made it as simple as possible to provide the most common requests in our profession to mainly capturing the most important parts of your event and create a cinematic experience.

We don't just plant a camera in front of the action, we convey the story in a movie-like polished product with original music and storytelling attributes such as fancy titles and beautiful visual effects that will wow all your friends and family.

Who doesn't like a happy and energetic team to work your event? Yep, neither do we! We are big on the experience we deliver our clients with a team that is passionate about story-telling and knowing their stuff so that you don't have to worry about us on the day of the event.

Send us an email to get a free quote! We're ready to create the story of a lifetime to cherish!