About - Photo & Video by Live

Hello world,

My name is Samuel Reyes and I'm a photographer/videographer based out of San Jose, CA or as we like to call it  "The Tank".

My story begins a long time ago when I used to work for my father's newspaper; he gave me a camera he had since he would take a lot of pictures for his newspaper to publish. I started to experiment with it, taking pictures and video clips. I later purchased a Canon T3i from a friend of mine and that's where it really got to me about creating my own art through a lens. I saw the power of creating stories with this device. 

I later worked as a freelancer with various companies and creatives to gain the knowledge I needed to do what I wanted to do in life and so everything started happening fast. I then made my mind to do this full time and dedicate myself to tell the story of my clients weather it's in a photo or a wedding video. 

Now I'm in charge of creating the experience for my clients. Weather it's a birthday photo shoot or a wedding video; I always have the goal in mind to let it be about feeling and story telling, painting pictures with my lens. 

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